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Zak and Dong


Zak is 13 years old and Dong is 7 years old. They are brothers of Tai, 1 of our kids that we already support, he is studying Engineering. They are from the Hmong Hill Tribe and have been living in Chinag Mai for about 6 years. Due to some very hard circumstances they moved to Chiang Mai and became part of a charity and group home (this is where we met), The Stratton ABC Foundation ran by a friend of mine, John. Sadly this past summer John passed away, it was sudden but we did have time to chat before hand and I told him I would help to make sure that we finish what he started. We now have given 4 year full scholarships to 3 of Johns 8 kids, Tai, Bong and May and we are also helping with food and rent for Zak and Dong. This was a hard thing for Tai as he is the primary care taker of the young boys now. Tai is already working a part time job and going to school full time and proudly still keeping a 4.0 GPA. We are very lucky to have great donors and when I reached out for help with the 2 younger boys they were happy to help. Keep checking back to see whats new with all of the kids.