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kornKorn is 21 years old and is studying business-English at one of the best universities in northern Thailand. When I met him 5 years ago he told me he wanted to become a flight attendant so he can travel and also make enough money to help his mom with taking care of his little sister.  He was a great students and I told him that Stu and The Kids would help him by sending him to university but he would need to study very hard. There are not so many of these jobs around so he would really have to push and push he did. He has now finished a very successful internship with Asia Air. He has just finished school and now has his Bachelors Degree. Now he has to wait to see if he has to go in to the army but will work as a server at a restaurant until he knows. He is so excited that he can continue to practice his English. Korn is also very helpful to me and with Stu and The Kids. He helps to keep an eye on the younger ones and gives them their monthly money while I am in the states.