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I would like to introduce you to the Kids that will be receiving scholarships this year

I would like to introduce you to the Kids that will be receiving scholarships this year

I am so excited that we wed about to raise enough funds to put for kids in university this year to continue their education. Before I tell you about them all just a lil update about the kids we currently have in school…..

Mimi is doing well in her accounting course and now has a job when not at school at an auto parts store. She is the accountants assistant and is making a nice salary. She is excited to graduate this coming March and will get a raise at work but will be working more hours.

Mon is doing well too, she also studies accounting but is a year behind Mimi and will graduate next year. She want to work but needs to focus on her school work first. She did have a job but quickly released that she needed a bit more study time.

Belle is loving her first year of uni, Business-English. Her English has gotten amazing and we can talk about so many more topics now. 3 1/2 more years to go for her.

Korn is just finishing up his internship for Asia Air and will go back to uni next month. He will graduate in March with a Bachelors degree and then he will have to do the Thai Army lottery. If is has to join it will just be for 1 year and if not he will easily get a job with Asia Air, not sure doing what yet but he will have a job. Hopefully in the not so distant future he will become an air-host.

And now on to Mr. Som Yut, he will graduate this March with a high certificate degree from technical school but will continue to university for his Bachelors Degree for 2 years he will study Business-English just like Belle.

Here are the new kids………..
Well you know about Sum Yut, he is one of the 4 kids.

Gii will study accounting for 4 years at Chiangmai Rajabhat University. She is such a good student, tries so hard and helps out with many activities at the Wat.
image copy

Nok is a young lady from the Wat Don Chan and she wants to study English and maybe become a teacher, she will also study at Chiangmai Rajabhat University.

Tai is a young man that I know from the ABC Stratton House, a children’s home here in Chiang Mai ran by my friend John. Sadly they have lost a lot of their funding and may have to close down the home. Tai is such a great student it would be a shame not to see him continue his studies, he is currently in the top of his class with a 4.0 GPA. I told John that we would make sure he is looked after to continue his education, he will study at Chiang Mai University in Engineering.

There you have it, here are the 4 kids that you all helped me to help continue their education. I am also trying very hard to raise more funds so that we can get Nok’s best friend Dow in University too. They both want to study the same major, English, at the same school and want to live together. So I would not need any more funding for their rent it would just be for Dow’s, tuition, uniforms, books, first year school activities and food. Thanks to our secretary Christine for putting up a post about #givingtuesday we raised some funds already to help Dow. I am pretty excited and confident that we will be able to help her too. If you would like to help just click on the donate button and remember, any and everything helps.

Thank you so much and Happy Holidays to you all. -Stu


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