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Happy Graduation 2015

Well this was the end my 6th year of teaching at the Wat Don Chan, a great year, a fun year, a busy year. I am so proud of the kids this year, we had some great students. I taught a bunch of classes alone so I really had a chance to interact a lot more and broke some of their shyness. Some of the kids will now go back to their villages, some will work in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and some will be continuing their educations at different schools and universities. We raised money to help 3 young ladies this year.

Mon will be studying accounting at a local technical school, On will be studying to be a teacher at a local college and she will go for 5 years. Belle got accepted to one of the best universities in northern Thailand, she will study for 4 years in the facility of computer-business, good luck to all of these ladies. We will meet every month to talk about school and what is going on as well as being the time to give them their monthly money for living expenses. I will keep you all posted on how they are doing. While I am in the states, Korn is taking care of this job for me. I am sad to not be there with them but glad Korn can do it and glad I can be here in the states to fundraise to help out more kids.

Som Yut, Mimi and Korn are already enrolled in school for their next semesters too. Korn will have a 6 month internship with Thai airways and we are so proud of him, he is going for his dream and he is so close.

My friend Scott from Florida but we met in Chiang Mai donated 12 mini tablets so after the graduation ceremony we gave them to the top kids in the graduating class, they were so excited, they had no idea what I wanted when I called them into the English class room. I wish I could have taken a picture of all of their faces, thank you so much Scott.

A great end to a great year. -Stu


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