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Los Angeles Stu and The Kids FUNdraiser 2015 was AWESOME!

Well, what can I say……………

We had such an amazing group of chefs and so many wonderful people helping, donating and volunteering their time and products. We had wine, Thai beer, local micro-brewed beer, Thai iced tea, fresh coconuts and even a Thai, Lime Leaf style vodka gimlet, super tasty. The food, omg, the food was so amazing. All of the chefs did a Thai-style twist on the food that they normally make, it was really cool. Also it felt like all of the chefs were on their AAA games and everything was so good, check out all of the pictures at: https://www.facebook.com/stuart.skversky/media_set?set=a.10206418978125951.1073741884.1013502810&type=3

This year we had 3 X’s the amount of people in attendance and 3 X’s the amount of funds raised! We raised just over $26,000, this is so EXCITING! I think we did a really good job putting this together and learned so much that we can use to do even better next year.

I need to thank everyone involved including the BEST board members, web designer, friends, family, chefs and all of the people that came to celebrate with us. I also need to thank the Kids! The Kids are so amazing and why we do this so I thank them for being hungry to learn and to have a better life for themselves and the people in their extended families and villages. They really want to help others once they finish getting their university eduction.

I say celebrate because the board members along with myself worked very had to get our 501c3 status this year and to plan several great fundraisers. So, we had our biggest fundraiser ever and it felt like a huge family reunion with this really great vibe in the air. We spoke about the Kids, our plans for Stu and The Kids in the future and we are all looking forward to next years fund-raising “tour”.

Another thing that I am very much looking forward to is getting back to Chiang Mai. I have been in the states for just over 4 months and really want to get back to the Kids, I miss them. I am so excited to tell the Kids that we will be helping this coming year how well we did.

If you missed the fundraiser this year, keep an eye on us for next year. The “tour” will start in Philly then Jersey, Boston, Vermont, Montreal and LA. You know there will be a lot of great food, beverages, silent auctions, raffles and of course FUNraising.


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