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Cleaning, B-Boys and guitar playin…

Well this was a busy week for us all here at the Wat Don Chan. We began cleaning the bakery kitchen with the help of  18 students and 2 volunteers from the Friends of the Wat Don Chan. This started with removing everything out of the kitchen, this has been here for 2 years and […]

More about the kids

OK so I wanted to quickly tell you about some of the sport happenings over here. First one of our track guys won a mini-marathon, this kid rocks! He had pink-eye all week and could not go to track practice and the same went for the rest of the boys track team but he won […]


This past Sunday I had the opportunity to take 275 kids to the Chiang Mai Zoo, it was so much fun. The day began at 8 AM, the kids were all dressed in their school clothes and lined up waiting for the buses. The Monks called 14 Rot-Dang  (translation red, car but they are really covered red […]

Last week

Sawadee Krap, Everyone I am here to tell you about last week and it was a busy one. We began the week with the planning of the rest of our garden project with the science teacher, sorry I forgot her name. There are about 775 people working and living here I can’t remember every name, […]

Hill Tribe

There have been a lot going on which I will fill you all in on later as I am planning a trip for the kids to the Zoo have have to run to a meeting with the manager of the Zoo to set the rest up. I wanted to talk about our trip to one […]

Celebrating the 5th King

This celebration was this past Friday and it was so much fun. The kids did a ton of work and it took 1 week to get it all together. This is always a big party at the Wat Don Chan, people come from all over for 2 days to celebrate the day of this guys […]

Zip-lining in the rain forest

Wow! This was amazing, we had so much fun. It all started when Joe from Friends of the Wat Don Chan (a little group that helps the kids here at the Wat) told me that a guy called Tony from Flight of the Gibbons would let orphans go free for a month. Well I just got […]

Wat Don Chan the first 5 days

 Wow! Where to begin? I thought if I blogevery couple of weeks that it would be ok but so much is happening. Well when I arrived th kids and the Monks welcomed me with open arms, I cold feel their energy, it was great. I am sleeping in the boy’s what they call “nurse’s office”, […]


 Well I made it! The flight was great, watched one crappy movie then slept most of the way. My last days in LA were so crazy and  I was so tired between work, packing, phone calls and trying to see people (which didn’t happen as much as would have liked, sorry) I was ready for […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my first shot at blogging, I am looking forward to sharing some great stories about the kids of the Wat Don Chan orphanage. I am leaving for Bangkok, Thailand on September 27th, I plan to visit with some friends and get over the jet-lag and stay there for a week or so before […]