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And yet another change, lol

And yet another change, lol

Ok so in the last 2 news/blog post there have been changes about the students that we are helping and now yet another………..

Ok, so we always have kids that need help but do not have enough funds to help all of them so there is always a list. In our last news post we spoke about Noinah, her parents passed away in the tsunami many years ago, remember? If not click on the last post and read all about her. Yesterday I went to pay Goong for her first semester of school, books, uniforms and deposit on her dorm room. Noinah and her were going to be studying at the same school and I asked where Noinah was so I could pay her too. Well she decided to become a female Monk. She feels that she has bad luck and a Monk also told her the same. They decided the only way to change this was for her to become a female Monk for a while. I am not giving any kind of opinion on this, I am just saying I wish her all of the best with her life and just want her to be happy. I was very surprised as she was looking forward to continuing her education. I did let her know if something changes that maybe we could help her out in a year or so once we raise more funds, we shall see.

Well now we have a little bit of extra funding to help the next kid in line and that kid is Boong. I met him at The ABC Stratton Foundation several years ago. We are helping Tai our from that same place this year too. Boong wants to learn about elder care and will start his 1 year program this coming Sunday. He was about 75% short but was going to try to do a payment plan but this could be very hard to do and as you all know with Stu and The Kids we like to have all of the funding for the whole time they will study. Since Noinah no longer needed us and Boong did, we jumped in. Boong ail now be able to study, hopefully semi stress free for the next year. GOOD LUCK BOONG!

Below are 2 pictures, one of Boong signing the contract and one of him with the administrators of the school and John the president of The ABC Stratton Foundation. John has looked after Boong for more than 5 years.

Boong and others



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