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Hello world!

Welcome to my first shot at blogging, I am looking forward to sharing some great stories about the kids of the Wat Don Chan orphanage. I am leaving for Bangkok, Thailand on September 27th, I plan to visit with some friends and get over the jet-lag and stay there for a week or so before heading to Chiang Mai. I currently have a 3 month Visa and all I have to do is re-applying with the immigration office for a 1 year extension when I get there. I have heard some horror stories about the Thai immigration officers but once they know what type of work I am doing with the kids, it should not be a problem and showing up with a few Monks should help too. As of right now I am just getting all of my ducks in a row for leaving my home for a year. I do have to say I am a bit tired and overwhelmed but there is lot’s to do when going away for so long. This being said when I think of seeing those kids, it all goes away… First posting, DONE!


Some Toughts (6)

  1. added on 26 Sep, 2009

    All in; good luck!



  2. added on 27 Sep, 2009

    Congratulations!! You are amazing as well as inspirational. I wish you all of the luck and blessings in the world for you and your kids. I look forward to your blogs. xoxo Jemison

  3. Todd Lowey
    added on 28 Sep, 2009

    Hey Stu,

    You are probably just arriving in Bangok right about now. Hope you had a great flight without any hitches. I really respect and admire what you are doing. Best of luck. You are always in our thoughts.

  4. dirtyworm
    added on 7 Oct, 2009

    yo stu , what up with the blogs man,everybody’s waiting,we want to know whats going on.im sure theres stuff 2 write about.we want the juicy details. give it up man, dirtyworm

  5. deb caponetta
    added on 10 Oct, 2009

    thinking of you and missing you. hope all is well and you are having fun. x

  6. Mr.Wisit Watcharin
    added on 31 Oct, 2009

    I see all your pictures very well, I will follow your work again.

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