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 Well I made it! The flight was great, watched one crappy movie then slept most of the way. My last days in LA were so crazy and  I was so tired between work, packing, phone calls and trying to see people (which didn’t happen as much as would have liked, sorry) I was ready for a long nap. On my last night at home, before heading to the airport  I had  a great dinner with my dear friend Jenna  at my buddy  Warrens place, Westside Tavern, it’s awesome you should go eat there. It was so hard to say goodbye,  well for a year anyway. I already really miss everyone so much.

  Ok funny story so I was so busy getting everything ready to go that I never looked at my flight info, I just went on what I remembered and I guess I remembered wrong and got to the airport a day early…I really could have used that extra day at home but I was packed, I was at the airport, I had nothing to sleep on and they had a flight leaving, so off I went with just enough time to let Stevie know I would be there a day early since  he was going to pick me up in Bangkok.

 Bangkok was AWESOME! Steve bought a house and let me stay with him. It’s so beautiful, Koi pond, tons of room and he did most of the cooking. My jet-lag was pretty bad this time so being taken care off was so nice for a while. Bangkok was mostly about hanging with friends, old and new, ton’s of eating, a bit of drinking ( Lot’s of whiskey but they put so much ice and club soda that you spend plenty of time running to the bathroom), saw 2 movies (shrimp and BBQ flavored popcorn, yum) 1 day we went to the Floating Market and bought ton’s of fruit, mancout and fresh coconuts. The weather was ok most of the time, I wanted to hit the beach but of course those were the day’s we had rain.

 Last year when I was in the South of  Thailand in Sa Keao I met a 17 year old boy named Um and he has Polio. We noticed something was not right and I took his family a chicken and we asked his grandfather if we could take him to Bangkok to see a doctor. Well Um has been in Bangkok for a year now and has had 2 surgeries and is doing great. With the help of an angel named Joy he is now in a group home and is going to school and living a good happy life. Dean is a guy in my Thai class in LA and he got someone to donate a new wheelchair to Um, Thai airways let me take it for free and I delivered it to him a few days ago, he was so thankful and let me tell you, it was needed. I told  Um I wanted to take him somewhere, anywhere and all he wanted was to goto the mall and eat pizza and ice cream, so we did, I have a few pictures to be posted soon.

 I just arrived a couple of days ago at the Wat Don Chan in Chiang Mai but   one of the Monk’s needs something on the computer so I am off to play soccer with the kids. I will fill you in on more in a few days. Peace and blessings, -Stu


Some Toughts (5)

  1. Lauren
    added on 10 Oct, 2009

    Darling friend,
    I’m excited to keep up with your activities at the orphanage. You don’t feel that far away 🙂

  2. Francine Locke
    added on 11 Oct, 2009

    Hey Stu, Thanks for sharing your experience in Thailand with us through stuandthekids.org. I’m so proud to know you! –Fran

  3. added on 11 Oct, 2009

    Ok, Stu, you should have warned me I would need tissues before reading. I am so happy for you and so proud of what you are doing. You are making such a big difference in the lives of so many people. They are blessed to have you.


  4. added on 12 Oct, 2009

    You did it again. You said you would go to Thailand and make a difference and you finally made it. We, the Thais, are so grateful to you. May you have a wonderful life forever and ever.

    The Thai class students at Wat Thai of LA and I are all behind you every step of the way.

    Good luck,

    Dara and the gang at Wat Thai

  5. Robin Gracie
    added on 13 Oct, 2009

    I love and miss you already. Sam and i are doing well,and so glad to hear you made it and a day early well what do you know. Hope you are having a great time with everone. I know they are enjoying you, you are the best. Sam and i will be here at the library atleast twice a month, so i will send you all the hugs and kisses for now. love you always sis

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