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Wat Don Chan the first 5 days

 Wow! Where to begin? I thought if I blogevery couple of weeks that it would be ok but so much is happening. Well when I arrived th kids and the Monks welcomed me with open arms, I cold feel their energy, it was great. I am sleeping in the boy’s what they call “nurse’s office”, it’s very nice but the next day I had to get a fan because the heat made it difficult to sleep. The kids are holiday from school for 4 weeks so most of them are looking for stuff to do. Some of the kids have gone to visit family for this time. The ones that are here are busy with me cooking, making cookies, practicing English, a well I am working on my Thai and the Monks show them a movie every night on a big screen that some nice person donated to the Temple. There are a group of people that are coming to the Temple to teach the kids English on the weekends while on holiday, this group is so nice and they love the kids already after only 2 days, but who would’nt. Feel free to come see for yourself.

 Last night the kids got to make wishes and light off lanters which I took some video and when I have time I will post it.T he kids seem to be very happy and well taken care of. They have food but not much of a variety so last night I bought some chicken and I made a geat dinner with the girls to serve to everyone, it was a blast. People come to see Phra Ah Jon, the head Abbott and when they do they bring, fruits, veggies, rice, noddles and sometimes meat or fish and that is what the kids have to eat I have been tryng to show them different uses so they don’t get board of the same old style.

  I feel I am going to be needed to also help the kids work on their cleaning style, 700 kids so there is lot’s of mess and they seem to walk over a lot instead of picking it up. I am very happy to see that they are now recycling, YAY! So much more to tell you but I am off to work on getting their Karaoke machine fixed for a little show tonight. Peace and love, thanks for all of the support. -Stu


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  1. Sarah
    added on 21 Oct, 2009

    Yay for fans! AMAZING! I love that you got to the airport a day early. You inspire me and so many others. Thank you for all you do.

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